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Best Home Alarm Company in Oakland, CA

Train station

Fun Facts:

Ever wondered where the first “Wave” started catching on? A cheerleader in the 80’s claims to be the first to conduct a Wave on TV, and it happened in the Oakland Coliseum. A

For Star Wars fan, here’s a nerd out moment: The AT-ATs in the episode “The Empire Strikes Back” were inspired by the four-legged cranes at the Port of Oakland, the fifth busiest ports in the US.

Bruce Lee started his fighting career in Oakland. Haaayaaaaaaa!

The Loch Ness Monster’s little brother is said to live in Oakland’s Lake Merritt. It’s known as the Oak Ness Monster.

Oakland has hella lot of fun facts. In fact, the word “hella” originated in Oakland.


Oakland has one of the highest crime rates in California both in terms of violent and property crimes. So if you live in Oakland, how can you protect your home and your family from criminals… and from the Oak Ness Monster?

Best National Home Security Company in Oakland

We generally rank and review national home alarm companies. National home alarm companies are available … well … nationwide so if you have to move, you can usually do so without penalty. Also, national companies are tried and tested by millions of families.

Frontpoint is our #1 Pick for 2019

30-Day Risk-Free Trial · Available Nationwide · Smash-Proof Protection

Frontpoint Home Security

Our reviews of the most widely known alarm companies nationwide led us to conclude that Frontpoint has one of the best overall offers based upon service and equipment.

Frontpoint provides security equipment with advanced technology. They offer a standard Simon XT control panel or you can upgrade to their new touch screen control panel. They also offer wireless motion sensors, environment sensors, connected home security cameras, and even home automation products.

Besides being high-tech, Frontpoint’s equipment is 100% wireless and relies on cellular signal. More and more end users are switching to cellular systems as these are more secure than systems that rely upon a landline. Imagine, no phone lines to cut for burglars and no landline disruptions. Frontpoint was one of the first home security companies to adopt cellular monitoring and their monitoring practices have evolved since that time. This means they have better monitoring practices than companies that are still in the process of switching to cellular monitoring.

Frontpoint’s equipment and systems are backed with a trusted app from Alarm.com. Alarm.com helps in many ways, from providing remote connection to your system, allowing control over your system from anywhere, and letting you manage your home automation products. The best part of the app is that it is available for multiple personal devices. Where some security companies limit support to Apple and Android, Frontpoint supports iOS, Android, PCs, Windows Phones, Blackberry phones, Pebble, Kindle Fire, and the Apple Watch.

Equipment is one thing, service is another. Frontpoint Home Security received an A+ rating from BBB and they’ve been names the winner of Angie’s List Super Service Award.

So what services can you get from Frontpoint? They offer three monitoring options– Protection Plan, Interactive Plan, and Ultimate Plan

Protection Plan is basically just monitoring of your home security system. It includes monitoring of intrusion sensors, fire protection, environmental protection, and life safety. Monitoring is done from a monitoring center staffed by trained professionals. And of course, they use a UL listed facility.

Interactive Plan is a bit more advanced. Besides monitoring your sensors, it also gives you additional protection of Alarm.com’s patented Crash-and-Smash technology. This technology monitors not only your sensors but even your panel. So when a burglar tries to destroy your panel to keep it from sending an alert, you and the monitoring center will still receive an alert saying that your panel has been destroyed. The Interactive Plan also grants you remote access and control of your Frontpoint system using your smartphone that has an Alarm.com app installed. That way, you can arm/disarm your system from anywhere. And last, it lets you add a couple sensors to your bag of tricks should you choose to do so — image sensors and connected lights.

The Ultimate Plan is the most advanced monitoring plan that also touches home automation. It has all the features given above plus video monitoring, door lock automation, and energy management.

Checkout our Frontpoint Review for more information or give them a call at (844) 328-2882.

Local Home Alarm Companies In Oakland

Local home alarm companies might work better for those who don’t see themselves moving for the next 3 to 5 years. Local companies have an edge in that they have a smaller customer base, which means they can give more attention to the customers they do have.

There are several local home alarm companies serving Oakland. Let’s have a quick look at two of them.

Bay Alarm

Bay Alarm is a solid home alarm option for California residents.

Bay Alarm’s equipment is from leading manufacturers like Bosch, Honeywell, GE Security, Linear, DMP, Videofied, and Aiphone. They have devices ranging from basic and touch screen control panels, motion sensors, glass break sensors, door/window sensors, fire alarms, CO detector, security cameras, connected lights, and automated door locks.

Bay Alarm only offers professionally installed systems, which is a good and bad. It’s good because if a pro does it, more than likely he will do it right. It’s bad because it adds cost and time as you must schedule an appointment window and wait around for someone to show up.

Once installed, your system will be monitored by a trained professional. Communication between your panel and the monitoring center can be through landline or cellular, though we recommend cellular monitoring as it is more secure.

Besides security, you can also add automation products to your system as you wish. An example of a home automation product that you can add is a security camera. A home security camera can be a vital component of a home alarm system though many of our readers choose to add their own camera as opposed to choosing on that works with their security system? Why? Cost.

Bay Alarm uses Honeywell’s Total Connect App, you can use the app to view and record videos and customize settings. You may also add automated door locks and connected lights to your system and control those using the Total Connect app.

Reed Brothers Security

Reed Brothers Security is a security company right from the heart of Oakland. It has been around for more than 50 years.

Reed Brothers Security has partnered with several product companies like Honeywell. Their alarm system starts with a control panel. All other equipment is then connected to the control panel for monitoring. You can add various devices to your security system like motion sensors, glass break sensors, door/window sensors, fire alarms, and CO detectors. You can also add home automation products to your system if you have the right panel.

Reed Brothers Security installs and also monitors alarm systems. But unlike other companies, professional monitoring is optional. You may purchase a system that rings an exterior siren when there’s an event and though the event is recognized, it will not send a signal to a monitoring center.

If you do choose monitoring, Reed Brothers Security houses its own monitoring center. Though this is unusual, they have gone through extra measures to stay compliant and their monitoring center is UL listed. The monitoring center has direct contact to the police, fire department, and emergency respondents to be able to give you the help you need when you need it.

Do You Really Need A Home Alarm System?

Some think of monitored alarm systems as just another bill to pay. It is hard to take the leap, particularly if you have never been the victim of home invasion, burglary, or fire. But consider this: One burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the US.

You need an alarm system even more if you live in a high-crime city. That’s unfortunately the case for Oakland residents. Neighborhood Scout has complied crime states for the city of Oakland,

  • Oakland has an average of 33,880 crimes a year. ¾ of those are property crimes while the rest are violent crimes.
  • Theft makes up the largest portion of property crimes committed in Oakland followed by motor vehicle theft and then burglary.
  • There’s a 1 in 16 chance of becoming a property crime victim in Oakland.
  • For every 1,000 residents, 63.46 property crimes are committed in Oakland. That’s more than twice the rate of California as a whole.
  • Oakland has also one of the highest crime density rates with 603 crimes committed per square mile. The national median is only 37.9 crimes per square mile.

It can be worrisome to live in a city with hella lot of crimes. It is important to always keep your family’s security on the top of your priority list.

Featured Photo Sunrise BART by Thomas Hawk used under a CC BY-NC 2.0 license.

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