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Best Home Alarm in Louisville, KY

Louisville, Kentucky skyline

Louisville is one of the manliest cities in the world. Muhammad Ali, one of the best boxers in the world was raised in the city. It is also home to the Kentucky Derby and 95% of the worlds bourbon comes from the Louisville area. I’m sure you’re already smelling tobacco and leather…but there’s more… the Louisville Slugger is from Louisville.

But Louisville is not all manly. It also hosts culture-rich events. The city is filled with art museums, theaters, a ballet center, and opera theaters. If you are planning to transplant to or within Louisville, we hope to help a little by providing crime stats, neighborhood safety information, and by recommending 4 top alarm companies that service the Louisville area.

Best Home Security System in Louisville

When picking a home security system in Louisville you have the option of selecting a national company or a local company. We’ll start with our national picks. Our top home alarm companies that cover the US are Frontpoint and Link. Bet you thought I would say ADT didn’t you? ADT is a good company but the overall service experience is historically and currently better with Frontpoint and Link. The difference is that Frontpoint and Link are wireless alarm companies. As they are wireless there is no drilling, no in-home sales call, and also no in-home installation. You can ask for a professional install from both companies, but more than likely you won’t need it. Frontpoint is very easy to install and Link is a little more difficult though still easy.

Since 2014, Frontpoint has been our top recommended home alarm company. You can view our stack rankings here.

Frontpoint is our #1 Pick for 2019

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Frontpoint Home Security
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  • Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner
  • Home Automation

Link Interactive is One of our Top Picks for 2019

Flexible Contract Terms · Crash & Smash Protection · All-Inclusive Monitoring

Link Interactive is also a solid nationwide option.
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  • A+ BBB Rating
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Local Home Security System Providers

If you want to go local we recommend either Derby City or Care Security. Derby City Security Service focuses on value security. Their prices start at $29.95 which is most comparable to Link Interactive which starts at $30.99 per month.

Care Security and Monitoring does an in-home evaluation. While some prefer to shop on the internet, I know that some prefer an in-home visit when shopping home security. If that’s you, pick Care. Care offers 24/7 monitoring, remote tech support, email reports, and video monitoring.

Derby City Security Service
502- 364- 8879
Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau

Care Security and Monitoring
Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau

An Alarm Permit is required in Louisville. If you an add an alarm, please add a permit.

Police Crime Statistics

Louisville has one of the highest crime rates in Kentucky. Not surprising due to the size of the city.

  • Violent Crime in 2013: 1,753
  • Murder: 20
  • Aggravated Assault: 981
  • Rape: 74
  • Robbery: 678
  • Property Crime in 2013: 13,442
  • Burglary: 3,261
  • Theft: 9,275
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: 906
  • Arson: 105

Will I Be a Victim in Louisville?

Louisville is not a dangerous place but there is reason to be cautious. Compared to cities with similar populations, Louisville is close to average. The city is safer than 8% percent of all US cities.

  • Kentucky’s violent crime rate is 2.10 per 1,000 residents and the national median is 3.8. Louisville’s violent crime rate is higher at 5.93 violent crimes.
  • Property crimes are also high in Louisville. Per 1,000 residents, there are 44.87 property crimes. The national median is 27.3 while Kentucky as a whole has 23.63.
  • Louisville is a large city in land area. It also has a high crime rate per square mile. The national median is 37.9. Kentucky’s is lower than the median having only 31 crimes per square mile. But Louisville has a really high crime rate per square mile which reached 91 crimes in average.
  • There’s a 1 in 22 chance that you will be a victim of property crimes in Louisville. Way higher than Kentucky’s which is 1 in 42. Louisville is one of the most dangerous cities in Kentucky but Kentucky is a fairly safe state.

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Louisville

A well-known website listed the US’ most dangerous neighborhood, and on that list was E Breckinridge St., found in Louisville. The data was based on the Uniform Crime Report submitted by the city police to the FBI.

The local metro police state that the worst neighborhoods in Louisville are found in the fourth district, that is, from Smoketown to Old Louisville, through Churchill Downs, and down to the Beechmont area. The district also includes the Park Duvall neighborhoods.

Safest Neighborhoods in Louisville

  • Factory Lane / Old Henry Road
  • Distillery Cmns / Payne St.
  • Bardstown Road / Speed Ave
  • Wolf Pen Branch Road / Cherry Valley Road
  • Fisherville / Hopewell




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