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Best Home Alarm System in San Francisco, CA

Vaillancourt Fountain in San Francisco


Arguably one of the most unique cities in the US where rent is high, dress is casual, and liberties come in the form of nudity and self expression.

But more than likely you already know why San Francisco is great. What you may not know is which home security company is great.

Frontpoint is our #1 Pick for 2019

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National Home Alarm Companies in San Francisco

There are multiple home security options in San Francisco making a decision difficult. We generally rank national home alarm companies, and for San Francisco, we recommend Frontpoint .

Frontpoint is our top home alarm company. We recommend Frontpoint to everyone because of their excellent record of good customer service and the technology they employ to provide security.

Frontpoint uses the best pieces of equipment in their alarm system and they offer clear monitoring plans without hidden fees. Their plans are all cellular, which means there are no wires to cut for burglars and no landline disruptions. Cellular home alarm systems are better than landline.

Frontpoint offers remote monitoring through mobile phones and devices. This includes email and text alerts, home automation control, security cameras, and geo location services. They offer an app for iOS, Android, Windows phones, Fire TV, Pebble, and Apple Watch users.

Frontpoint offers home automation through their Ultimate Plan. This monitoring plan offers live video streaming, motion-based video recording capable of HD and night-vision, automated door lock control, and easy energy management.

Equipment is the first half of your alarm system, the monitoring center is the other half. Aside from excellent equipment, Frontpoint prides itself on their monitoring centers. Although they don’t have their own monitoring center, they’ve partnered with a well-regarded company to handle monitoring — Rapid Response Monitoring.

Rapid Response Monitoring is UL listed, Department of Defense and Factory Mutual approved, and New York City Fire Department approved for commercial buildings. They have in place what monitoring centers call ‘monitoring redundancy’, which ensures protection even during unforeseen events. Rapid Response Monitoring has backups for electrical power loss, telephone, internet and computer server disruptions, and environmental conditions.

Local Home Alarm Companies in San Francisco

Who doesn’t want to buy local? When it’s an option, it’s hard to look the other way. There are pros and cons to buying local. Going with a local company means that you can do business face-to-face. The downside is that they normally service limited geographic regions and moving outside of that reason may require you to break your contract by buying out your remaining contract value.

San Francisco is a large city, and there are many local home alarm companies. We handpicked 3 local home alarm companies which we will compare to Frontpoint:

(1) California Security Pro, a dealer of ADT
(2) Warman Security, operating exclusively in San Francisco
(3) Bay Alarm, one of the most well-known local home alarm companies in California.

California Security Pro

California Security Pro is an authorized dealer of ADT . Where ADT is national, California Security Pro operates in California only. One advantage here is that you get the “local alarm flavor” backed by the protection of a national company. When choosing an ADT authorized dealer, they basically handle everything up through installation. Once the alarm is installed, service and monitoring is performed by ADT corporate.

California Security Pro, backed by ADT, offers landline and cellular monitoring, and home automation products.
ADT’s cellular alarm system is called ADT Cellguard. It is worth it? You can read more about it here. Cellguard is more secure than landline monitoring because it is wireless, hence, no wires to cut and it doesn’t rely upon your internet connection.

California Security Pro also offers home automation through ADT Pulse, ADT’s complete home automation solution. ADT Pulse enables remote monitoring of alarm status and arm/disarm system through a mobile app for Android and iOS users. Pulse allows for video monitoring and automation of lighting, thermostat, and locks.

Just like ADT, California Security Pro employs the “Free Quote” marketing technique in which they will send a representative to survey your home and suggest a setup. If you don’t like letting strangers in your home or waiting around for said stranger to show up, this might not be the right option for you.

Warman Security

Warman Security has been around since 1916 and has protected San Francisco Bay Area residents since then. They offer various kinds of service including lock, entry systems, video surveillance, mailbox, access control, and safe installation. But we’ll focus on their alarm systems.

Warman Security installs Ademco Alarm systems, a product of Honeywell. Ademco alarm panels works with several sensors and alarms, even some home automation products.

The best thing about Warman Security is the variation of their products. You can have all your locks, safes, intercoms, and your alarm system coming from and maintained by a single company. Since they focus on the San Francisco area, they get to know their customers better and they can customize their service to their needs. Also, aside from alarm systems, they offer video surveillance, which can be added to your alarm system for better protection.

Warman’s alarm systems are self monitored. Self-monitored alarm systems are not connected to monitoring centers and owners are responsible for monitoring their own homes. This means that customers can get mobile access and alerts directly to their mobile phones. You can do this with the other companies too. The difference here is that you are ultimately responsible for taking action. Is it a false alarm? Do you need to go home? Do you need to call the police? Is there a fire? You decide and you take action.

Like ADT, Warman employs the ‘Free Quote’ technique. Application are done online or through a phone call.

Bay Alarm

Bay Alarm has been serving Californian homes and businesses since 1946, and they have grown since then. They are still a local company as they only operate in California.

Bay Alarm offers landline and cellular alarm systems. They also offer a home automation solution that is backed by the Total Connect app.

Bay Alarm uses equipment from well-regarded manufacturers like Honeywell. These pieces of equipment work together to ensure that customers are satisfied and are protected. Their systems come with video surveillance and several sensors including smoke/fire detectors.

For more advanced homes, Bay Alarm medical offers home automation solutions. Through the use of the Total Connect app, users can connect their smart lighting, locks, and thermostats to the app under one account.

Frontpoint vs California Security Pro vs Warman Security vs Bay Alarm

For the most part, all of the companies we selected offer the same features less Warman. Depending upon what you want, you will pick the right monitoring package and equipment to suit your needs.

FrontpointCalifornia Security ProWarman SecurityBay Alarm
Cellular Alarm Monitoring
24/7 Professional Monitoring
Personal access to live video feed
Mobile App
Email/Text Alert
Lighting Control
Door Lock
Thermostat Automation
Energy Management
Door Lock

Which security package will you choose? Before you choose, there’s a few more things to consider.

1. Do you see yourself moving within the next few years? If yes, is there a possibility that you’ll move outside San Francisco or outside California? For frequent movers, Frontpoint is the better option. It serves all of the United States and Canada, so it can move with you anywhere you go.

2. Do you want to monitor on your own? If yes, Warman may be the option for you or you may want to explore other technologies like Scout Alarms.

Crime Statistics in San Francisco

Do San Francisco residents really need an alarm system? Crime is rising everywhere, not just in San Francisco but around the whole world. Crime statistics show alarm systems are necessities now more than ever.

  • Property Crimes in total: 38, 898
  • Burglary: 5,317
  • Larceny-Theft: 28,242
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: 5,339
  • 1 in 17 residents fall victim to property crimes.
  • 59.04 per 1,000 residents are victimized. The national median is 27.3.

If you don’t have an alarm system yet, you should consider one. Alarm systems are essential for peace of mind and security.

Photograph “Fountain in San Francisco” by Josh Maxgells. Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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