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Using 3M Safety Films To Secure Windows and Prevent Break-Ins

3M has created a versatile, useful film that can be directly applied to your windows. This film achieves two things. First, it’s a great insulator for your windows. In the summertime, it blocks UV rays and the tinted version directly blocks sunlight. In the wintertime, it helps create a solid seal around your window, reducing your heating bill by keeping hot air in your home. Second, 3M safety film’s chief purpose is to keep your home safe. The films are made of a strong, binding material that makes it nearly impossible for a burglar to break your window. In fact, watch the video above to see two burglars unsuccessfully attempt a break-in through a window protected by 3M.


How Does 3M Safety Film Work?

Broken glass

3M Safety Film works on the same principle as the binding agent in automotive glass. When there is impact, the film keeps the glass from shattering. Think about it. How many times have you seen a car’s windshield hit by a rock? How many times have you seen a windshield completely shatter after being hit by a rock? Usually, an object that hits the windshield makes a hole in the window, but the glass doesn’t shatter.

Of course, like any security system, this protective film will not protect your windows forever. What it will do is make it considerably harder for thieves to gain entrance to your home. If an intruder tries to get in, you’ll have more time to alert the police. Ideally you will secure your home in layers. You should reinforce your door, reinforce your windows, and add other measures like a home security system.

The best part? When installed, the product is virtually undetectable. This means you’ll still be able to see out of your windows normally and yet receive the benefit of insulation and home protection.

How Easy is it to Install 3M Safety Film?

Unfortunately, you cannot install the protective film yourself. You’ll need to hire a professional to do it for you. Most jobs can be completed in a single day and the installer can add protective screens over existing window glazes. However, this is money well spent. You won’t have to worry about the installation being botched…and nobody wants a botched window film job. Have you ever seen a really horrible window tint on a car? You don’t want that on your home. Trust me.

If you are a hardcore DIYer, no fear; there is a job for you. After the screens are installed you need to caulk the edges of the windows along the inside. This creates a weatherproof seal and it also ensures that a burglar cannot simply kick in the frame. You can do this job yourself with caulk from any home repair store or you can pay a professional to do this for you.

How Much do the 3M Security Films Cost?

The cost of film will vary depending on a number of factors. There are different types of protective film with different benefits and different price points. Also, the cost will be higher if you plan on adding an additional sun-proofing layer.

In order to find out the exact cost for your home, you’re going to need to find a dealer and ask for a quote.

With that said, Consumer Reports has determined an average price which you can use to estimate the cost of outfitting your windows using the 3M protective film. They suggest that you expect to pay $7 to $9 per square foot. That means the price for a 3’ x 5’ window could range from $105 to $135.

Furthermore, several homeowners have shared their costs online. One man paid $1,200 to get all his ground floor windows covered. Another person paid $300 to have four windows covered.

Despite the high price point, most people report a high degree of satisfaction and a feeling of relief knowing that their windows are protected against burglars and other would-be intruders.

You may also be interested to know that homeowners who outfit their homes with protective screens may be eligible for an energy saving subsidy from their power company. This is especially pronounced for people living in hot climates who use their air conditioners consistently throughout the year.

The Different 3M Films

Before you outfit your home with a 3M safety film, you should be aware of the different choices available to you. 3M offers several styles of protective film to suit different needs. The biggest question you’ll need to ask yourself is whether you want a 3M safety film for security reasons, or if you want it to offer sun protection as well.

Ultra Prestige Series

The Ultra Prestige Series offers the most comprehensive coverage that available through 3M’s protective film series. This protective film is made using a multi-layered process that creates an extremely strong product. The film is designed to protect against impacts and extreme weather. When a hole is punched through a window with this coating it won’t expand or stretch open past the initial gap. This film rejects up to 60% of the heat coming through your window, which provides a drastic reduction in cooling requirements. Also it filters out 97% of the sun’s infrared rays and 99.9% of harmful UV rays.

Ultra Series

The Ultra Series doesn’t including sun protection. It’s designed to be a clear, nearly invisible film. This makes it a great option for anyone living in a moderate climate who doesn’t want a reduction of sunshine in their home. However, if you’re interested in sun protection, the ultra series can be combined with tinted film to offer sun control.

The main benefit of the Ultra Series is its superior blast and impact reduction. It’s designed to protect windows from a variety of different impacts and attacks. This film alone has repelled burglars and given them cause to give up and move on.

Safety Series

Despite offering less comprehensive coverage than the other two films, the safety series does make your windows significantly stronger and less vulnerable to break-ins.

The Safety Series film is made up of a thick adhesive that keeps glass from shattering after an impact and is available in 7, 8, and 14 mil sizes. Like the Ultra Series, the Safety Series can be paired with a sun control film to reduce HVAC costs.

Finally, unlike the other two options, the Safety Series doesn’t come with a lifetime guarantee but instead offers a 10-year guarantee.

Which Film is Right For Your House?

Choosing the right film means comparing the cost to the benefits. If you’re worried about weather and not burglars than the Safety Series is ideal for you. On the other hand, if your primary concern is break-ins, then the Ultra Series is the best choice.

Finally, if you live in a hot climate, the Ultra Prestige Series will pay for itself with the energy savings it will bring to your home. Of course it will also offer strong protection against burglars.

If you want to learn more, find a certified 3M film dealer by clicking here.

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